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Libre Graphics Magazine 1.3

Collaboration, collaboratively

August 2011

ISSN: 1925-1416

Editorial Team


ginger coons

Community Board

  • Dave Crossland
  • Louis Desjardins
  • Aymeric Mansoux
  • Alexandre Prokoudine
  • Femke Snelting


  • Emanuele Bonetti
  • Loredana Bontempi
  • Dave Crossland
  • Morgan Fortems
  • Thibaut Hofer
  • Martin Owens
  • Eric Schrijver

Printed in Porto by Cromotema in recycled paper.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license (CC-BY-SA). All content should be attributed to its individual author. All content without a stated author can be credited to Libre Graphics Magazine.

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Images under a CC Attribution Share-Alike license

  • Cover by Loredana Bontempi, Emanuele Bonetti, Morgan Fortems and Thibaut Hofer, generated by a Python script by Parcodiyellowstone.
  • Photo of ginger coons by herself.
  • Photo of Ricardo Lafuente by Ana Carvalho.
  • Photo of Ana Carvalho by Luís Camanho.
  • Photo of Dave Crossland by Mary Crossland.
  • Photo of Eric Schrijver by himself.
  • Illustration in "Type Design" by Dave Crossland.
  • Photos in "In Practice" by RestructWeb.
  • Illustration in "First Time" based on "191008", a photo by Flickr user fdctsevilla.
  • All images in the "Showcase" section can be attributed to the creators mentioned therein. All are licensed CC BY-SA.
  • Illustrations in "Managing artist communities: the case for Ubuntu Artists", by order of appearance:
  • Limon y Mora by peritoproducciones
  • [Dream Colours] ( and Hidden Universe by pr09studio
  • Screenshots in "SparkleShare: pleasantly invisible version control" by ginger coons.
  • Photos in "Parallel School—an interview" by Parallel School.
  • GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus screenshots in "Resources" by Manufactura Independente.
  • Toonloop screenshot in "Resources" by Alexandre Quessy.

Images under other licenses

Photos in "Notebook" by Open Source Publishing are under the Free Art License.

Illustrations in "Best of SVG" by Open Clip Art Library user cybergedeon are all in the public domain.

Photo in "Showcase" opening page, "Tropical Cyclone Imani", by Flickr user NASA Goddard Photo and Video is under CC-BY.

Photo used in the illustration of "Call for entries 1.4", by Flickr user petercat.harris, is under CC-BY.


Advertisements, with the exception of those representing Libre Graphics Magazine, are not necessarily covered by the blanket CC BY-SA license. It is best to check with the projects they represent before reusing them.