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Upcoming events

Upcoming events

We're very pleased to present a calendar of upcoming events which encompass all things graphic design, media art and F/LOSS. Given that there are few events which tackle all three subjects, we aim to offer you events where you can be the agent of change: the F/LOSS designer at a traditional design event, or maybe the designer at a predominantly software developer event.

14-18 Sep

ATypI 2011
Reykjavik, Iceland

16 Sep

Brand New Conference
San Francisco, United States

17-25 Sep

The London Design Festival
London, United Kingdom

24-25 Sep

PyCon UK 2011
Coventry, United Kingdom

1-18 Oct

Phoenix Design Week
Phoenix, United States

13-16 Oct

Pivot: AIGA Design Conference 2011
Phoenix, United States

13-23 Oct

Design Philadelphia
Philadelphia, United States

15-16 Oct

West Coast HackMeet
San Francisco, United States

17-20 Oct

SVG Open
Cambridge, Massachusetts

19-21 Oct

Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

19-22 Oct

Access 2011
Vancouver, Canada

20-22 Oct

Typo London 2011
London, United Kingdom

31 Oct
4 Nov

Ubuntu Developer Summit
Orlando, United States

2-3 Nov

DesignThinkers 2011
Toronto, Canada

4-6 Nov

Mozilla Festival 2011
London, United Kingdom