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Alexandre Leray, Stéphanie Vilayphiou

There seems to a be a tendency nowadays for collaboration and cross-disciplinarity, and graphic designers are not at rest. Many designers — including ourselves — are increasivelly working together with artists, thinkers or engineers, blurring the separation between the disciplines. Why? Could it be a way to escape from the division of labour? A way to escape from the thinking of graphic design as a service industry and to start thinking of design as an embedded process? Our intuition is that graphic designers don't want to be the last element of the production line anymore.

Coming from a classical visual design education we became more and more interested in digital culture and networked media. Now, we mix a visual approach with programming to create designs for print and non-print outputs. We proudly claim the two hats of designer and programmer because for us programming is also design. Moreover, we think programs are cultural items, at least as much as they are functional. F/LOSS carries this thought, but using it doesn't necessarily imply free culture. This is why we focus our personal researches on collective platforms based on F/LOSS. Sharing is not only about giving, it's also about getting back, it's about starting a discussion.


Issue magazine

Online critical magazine on graphic and media design.
software: Python, HTML, JQuery
fonts: Verdana
content: CC-BY-SA-NC, fair use

Rémy Jacquier

Catalogue of French artist Rémy Jacquier.
software: Indesign
fonts: CourierSans
content: © Rémy Jacquier, © ADERA


Art piece mocking the software industry through recycle bins.
software: AppleScript, Python, Django
fonts: Verdana
content: Free Art License
source code: GNU GPL

Google Will Feed Itself

A Google Blogspot fed with its own Google ads.
software: BlogSpot, GoogleAdsense
content ?


ERBA Valence 2009—2011

Information leaflet for Valence school of Fine Art and Design.
software: Indesign, GraphViz
fonts: Nobel
content: ?

Blind Carbon Copy

Experimental design hacks to circumvent “Intellectual Property”.
software: Python, BeautifulSoup, NLTK, Indesign, JavaScript
fonts: New Caledonia, Vogue
content: all wrongs reversed
source code: GNU GPL


Online portfolio, also generating a printed one, of graphic designers Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé.
with: Coline Sunier, Charles Mazé
software: Mercurial, Python, Django, JQuery, MySQL, reportlab
fonts: Inconsolata
content ?


Libre Graphics Meeting 2010

Website for LGM 2010 in Brussels.
with, Alessandro Rimoldi, OSP
software: Inkscape, HTML, anwiki
fonts: Cantarell
content ?

please computer | make me design

Workshop on fun commandline poster generation.
with OSP (Ludi, Ivan)
software: Git, GNU coreutils, enscript, podofoimpose
fonts from OSP foundry
content: Free Art Licence
source code: GNU GPL

Éditions B42

Website of Éditions B42 publishing house.
software: Git, Python, Django, HTML, JQuery, MySQL
fonts: Verdana, Hermès Sans
content: © Éditions B42


A word can only live once.
with: Marijke Schalken
software: Python, mplayer
source code: Free Art Licence


Flyer for Constant, association for art and media in Brussels.
software: Scribus
fonts: NotCourierSans, Constant Archive
content: Free Art Licence



Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique sound repository.
with: OSP (Ludi), Jérôme Degive
software: GIMP, Inkscape, WordPress
fonts: Univers Else
content: © right-owners

Schaarbeekse Taal

Flyers for events organized by the Schaarbeekse Taal project.
with: OSP (Ludi)
software: Git, GIMP, Inkscape
fonts: Limousine, Alfabet III
content: © right owners

Curating as Environ-mentalism

Online interface to comment chunks of Elke van Campenhout's essay.
software: Git, CouchDB, HTML, JQuery
fonts: Ume Mincho
content: All wrongs reversed
source code: GNU GPL


Le Chant des Particules

Website of a movie about LHC-CERN.
with deValence
software: Git, Python, Django, HTML, JQuery fonts: ChicaGogoRGB
content: ?

else if

Collections of critical texts on graphic design and digital media.
software: Git, Python, Django, JQuery, SQLite, close-commenting
fonts: Helvetica
content: free licences, public domain, fair use source code: GNU AGPL


Collective writing application.
software: Git, Python, git-python, Django, JQuery, SQLite
fonts: Liberation Sans
content: Free Art License
source code: GNU AGPL