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New releases

New Releases

Open Font Library and Open Clip Art Library

Relaunched, with lots of improved functionality.

Pinpoint 0.1.2

A tool for simply creating beautiful presentations.


A newly-announced, in-progress decentralised media hosting platform. Alpha release currently slated for October 2011.

Vips 7.24

A library and interface for quickly and efficiently manipulating large images.

LightTwist lt-align

The debut of convenient and handy tool for turning multiple projectors into one giant projector, an accessible addition to the larger LightTwist project.

Toonloop 2.0.0

Fun and powerful stop motion animation software. Excellent for performance.

Linux Mint 11

The latest from the second most popular distribution of GNU/Linux. Version 11 makes software management and installation of extras easier than ever.

Fedora 15

Version 15 makes Fedora (our favourite) the first distribution of GNU/Linux to include GNOME 3 as its default desktop environment.


An attractive, new take on that old favourite: the GNOME desktop environment.