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New releases

New Releases

GIMP 2.7.5

Call it a beta of the next GIMP 2.8. This devel version of GIMP gives a taste of what's coming next, namely faster performance, improved tablet support and a lot of bug fixes.

Blender 2.62

The latest version of Blender includes motion tracking, an improved interface for the game engine and a number of new uv editing tools, among other additions.

VLC 2.0 Twoflower

A major new release from the ever-popular video player. Now with faster decoding, an enlarged list of formats (which includes hd) and higher quality subtitles.

Ghostscript 9.05

With improvements to icc colour rendering and font replacement, the newest version of Ghostscript has a number of design-sensitive additions.


The popular desktop environment has come out with its first new release in six months, incorporating new menus and search functionality, as well as a more polished look.