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Small and Useful

Small and Useful

There's an adage in the software world: programs should do one thing very well. In that spirit, we offer you a round-up of small and useful programs and resources which do one thing particularly well.

This issue, we've switched things up a little. All of our small and useful tools do one thing: they manage fonts. Whether you're trying to get previews of several thousand fonts, or interested in sorting your collection based on tags, here are a few font managers to try out.


It organizes your fonts, creates a database, and offers automated specimens. It's a little archaic to install, but that's part of the fun.

Font Manager

True to its name, Font Manager manages your fonts, and does so visually. It offers preview texts and lets you sort based on a variety of criteria.


One of the longest-reigning Linux font managers, Fontmatrix is still the go-to choice for many designers looking to find that perfect font in an expansive collection.