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New Releases

New Releases

Beautiful Open

A gallery of gorgeous F/LOSS project websites, just to show it can be done.

Describing itself as “a collaborative project to create and disseminate useful information, tutorial material, and new policy ideas,” aggregates existing and new resources on copyleft licensing.


A library for creating PDF layouts using Python code. It can be used as a code-based tool, or along its GUI companion, Even.

Glyphr Studio

A web-based font editor with a modern interface for rapid tweaking, with exciting features like dual-screen editing and SVG import.


The up and coming FontForge alternative is about to release its 2.0 version, with a beta package already available for those too eager to wait.


A parameter-based font generator, currently under development. While the hosted version is, at present, only available to those who supported the crowdfunding campaign, source is available.

An elegantly minimalistic online sketch pad. presents you with a totally blank page, waiting for a drawing, and allows you to save your work for later reference and distribution.


Parses fonts and glyphs, going so far as to show contour parameters. From displaying fonts and their component parts to inspecting metadata, Opentype.js offers a compelling solution for online font display and inspection.


A collection of high-quality web fonts, for your hyperlinking pleasure.

ttfautohint 1.2

The latest version of ttfautohint offers minor bug fixes and some emergent features, which promise to be elaborated on further in future releases.

Plain Pattern

Harnesses the awesome power of SVG to generate tiles for seamless patterns.

The Missing Scarf

Not strictly a new release, because it appeared on the film festival circuit in 2013, but the award-winning animated short, made with Blender, has recently been made available for all to watch.