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Small & Useful

Small & Useful

There's an adage in the software world: programs should do one thing very well. In that spirit, we offer you a round-up of small and useful programs and resources which do one thing particularly well. This issue, we focus on some key concepts for understanding gender issues.

The Geek Feminism Wiki

A clearinghouse of concepts and discussions crucial to understanding and promoting issues of equality and representation. What makes it crucial is its understanding of F/LOSS and geek culture, framing its critiques and suggestions in ways that make concrete sense.

Some key concepts:


The idea that different kinds of opression and marginalization can't be treated individually, but must be considered and acted upon as a whole.

Privilege & privilege checklists

The idea that a group, though they may not be intentionally hostile to others, may have a set of unknown or unnoticed advantages over other groups. Privilege checklists are a way of making such advantages visible.

Bechdel test

The famous test of woman-friendliness in media. This article also includes variations of the test which focus on other issues.