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Five questions about Libre Graphics, answered by Christoph Haag

Christoph Haag

Who or what has been your biggest F/LOSS or Free Culture influencer?

Florian Cramer. Martin Rumori. Femke Snelting. In chronological order. At different times, in different ways.

What's your favourite piece of niche or off-the-beaten-track software?

JavE (Java Ascii Versatile Editor). Rather than for writing texts, it is intended for drawing texts.

Favourite Libre typeface?

Autobahn. Still waiting for a good cause to use it.

Finish the sentence: "Five years from now, I want..."

> I'll do what you want me to do
> I want to make a million dollars
> I want to live out by the sea

Best F/LOSS side-effect you've experienced?

Conversations. I think that conversations are the best, biggest thing that Free Software has to offer its user. (Ed.: Along with Femke Snelting and Xavier Klein, Christoph Haag developed a book on this subject, which is available from