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Practical & Useful

Practical & Useful

There’s an adage in the software world: programs should do one thing very well. In that spirit, we offer you a round-up of small and useful programs and resources which do one thing particularly well. This issue, we highlight some tools for capturing the world around you.

WayBack Machine

The Internet Archive maintains this tremendously useful resource, which allows anyone to step back in time to see previous versions of a web site.

A comprehensive repository of ASCII art and all sorts of text files found in the wild in the 80's and 90's during the golden age of the BBS.

Hybrid Publishing Resources

Part of the Digital Publishing Toolkit, this wiki gathers many hacks, shortcuts and advice for creating publications using contemporary practices for digital and print outputs.

sK1 Palette Collection

A collection of color compilations, ranging from Android UI to browser-safe colors, released to the public domain by the sK1 Project team.


Get a snapshot of yourself at every time you commit code, in true LOLcat style. “Git blame has never been so much fun!”

OpenStreetMap Traces

A repository of GPS tracks and subjective paths, open for uploading your own.

Setting up a hidden volume

Part of the Hide Your Data book from Floss Manuals, this is a quick guide to easily set up encrypted partitions and keep your hard drive safe from prying eyes.